Kuando Busylight Alpha

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kuando Busylight Alpha

Presence status

The kuando Busylight Alpha functions as a status light, which automatically changes its colors according to your UC status in e.g. Skype4B/Lync, signalling to colleagues when you are:

  • In a call
  • Busy
  • “Do not disturb”
  • Away

The kuando Busylight is also a reliable ringer for softphones, making it easy to hear and see incoming calls. The Busylight also notifies you of missed calls and IMs.

The kuando Busylight integrates with Skype4Business, Lync, Cisco Jabber and more to provide a visual indicator of your presence status.

Built-in ringtones/speaker

With Busylight you secure all employees with a 100% reliable default solution. For call alert on incoming calls

  • Connects as an USB device – not an audio device.
  • No audio settings required.
  • 100% reliable – also when PCs have disabled soundcards/speakers.
  • No more support tickets to fix individual audio settings.
  • An immediate visible cue of your team’s current status.

Softphone notifications

Missed calls and IMs alert

Create an agile environment where employees can react quickly to missed calls or IMs. Avoid the risk of losing opportunities for your organization. The kuando Busylight Alpha decreases the average reply time in your organization and makes communication more efficient.

  • Flashes blue every four seconds to remind you of missed calls and IM’s
  • Visible from a distance
  • Helps staff react much faster to unhandled tasks
  • With outlook calendar integration, the Busylight Alpha can even be a visual reminder of meetings etc.

Functions may vary depending on your platform.